Lee Na Young Aesthetic

Mulguang V-Lift


Korean Beauty Secret to ‘Tofu Skin’ consists of two treatments at just $399 (U.P. $1238) which includes Dewy Skin Booster and HIFU face & Neck lift.

I. Skin Boosters reverse the effects of aging to achieve radian and dewy glass skin.

✅ Improve moisture retention
✅ Firmer & healthier skin
✅ Hydrates the skin and improve elasticity
✅ Reduces skin surface roughness & pore size

II. HIFU is a non-surgical face lift treatment that provides the best anti-aging results by targeting the skin tissues, regenerating skin cells to produce more collagen for a firmer skin.

✅ Lift saggy facial skin, brow & neck
✅ Tightening of skin
✅ Reduces double chin, cheek fat & crow feet
✅ Instant long lasting results up to 9-12 Months

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