Duration: 2 days, 10am to 6pm (choose 1 and get 1 complimentary course)

Course Summary:

  • We've developed New BB Glow Treatment, an exciting new skin whitening formulation available in a variety of different shades that gently brighten the skin and delivers a radiant complexion. This technique and the product leave people with glowing, moisture-rich skin all year round. Even after 1 session, you’ll notice the difference, it’s almost as if you woke up to glowing, flawless skin with subtle shading and a 3D effect
  • Our primary goal is to achieve Genuine Korean beauty technique, the right knowledge, risk management. Detailed curriculum by Korean Trainer, designed for all of you who want to study better to be professional beautician. this course provides foundation and knowledge to have the required skills to jumpstart into the world of aesthetic beauty

Course Curriculum: 30% Theory, 70% Practice and Hands on

  1. Understanding of Watershine BB Glow treatment
  2. Study of valid ingredients for Skin rejuvenation, whitening, wrinkle improvement
  3. Definition, Efficiency of Watershine BB Glow, Main Target
  4. Study of Facial Procedure, Risk management - How to handle/maintain materials
  5. Disinfection & Hygiene control - Disease, Medications, Allergy. Precaution and Caution
  6. Observation and Trial of Aesthetic Facial Process, Practice on dolly head (Cleansing step) – Learning/Practicing 2 way of double cleansing (Manual/Machine technique)
  7. On-site Facial Care& Post treatment protocol
  8. Successful Customer Service, marketing your Services, How to Position yourself as an Expert
  9. Trial Demonstration on a Live Model

Course Fee: S$580 (SkillsFuture Approved Training Provider​) ​

Course Includes:

  • Certificate of completion, Training materials, English textbook
  • Lifetime Continuous support
  • Eligible for salon-use product purchase

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