Lee Na Young Aesthetic

Snow White PDRN Baby Skin (5ml)



  • PDRN skin booster  new cells growth, increases skin elasticity through strengthening epidemic and dermic layer to achieve luminous complexion.
  • Glutathione - A strong antioxidant that promotes skin whitening shine as well as delaying of skin ageing.



Korean latest K-Beauty Craze using Glutathione , Salmon DNA and Hyaluronic acid. PDRN is a substance extracted from salmon DNA which restores damaged and aged skin to healthy baby smooth skin.

Suitable for those whom:

  • Desires a youthful face
  • Have wrinkles lines, sagging and ageing skin
  • Open pores & scarring sensitive skin
  • Dry skin that causes from harsh chemical peels or laser
  • Dark circle or Eyebags
  • Uneven skin tone

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